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copy typist


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  • A person whose job is to type transcripts of written drafts.

    ‘My memories from the time I was a young reporter on the road usually involve queues of exasperated people making it clear that their call was much more important than the hot news story I was dictating to the copy typist back in the office.’
    • ‘As the drama opens, Sneath is dictating his memoirs to a young copy typist, but breaks off to tell the extraordinary story of a PR guru, Gideon, who vanished without trace one day at the end of Nineties.’
    • ‘For the past three years I had led a very prosaic, dull existence as a shorthand typist in a London office, and at the time of my leaving I had a fairly responsible job, being in charge of three copy typists who were junior to me.’
    • ‘This school has employed a copy typist as a one-off exercise to enter and record all pupils' options.’
    • ‘In the 1930s and 1940s, aside from copy typists and secretaries, the newsroom was a predominantly male domain.’
    • ‘It is a fact that most copy typists do not absorb the content of what they are typing.’
    • ‘Most copy typists learned to type without any formal training at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘The Government should issue license to all copy writers and copy typists who had lost their jobs owing to computerisation of registrar offices, to enable them to function as document writers.’
    • ‘There was plenty of work in the past on old style typewriters but if the copy typist does not become computer literate he or she will quickly find themselves, quite literally, redundant.’
    • ‘He believes that the current benchmark standard for many general posts is totally useless and out of date in that jobs such as stenographers and copy typists do not even exist anymore.’
    • ‘The exposed group worked principally as copy typists, word processor operators or computer programmers while the unexposed subjects were selected from the general population of the same city.’
    • ‘An experienced copy typist, picking up procedural niceties as they went, could retrieve hours of street time for officers.’
    • ‘The successful applicant will have previous working practice as an audio or copy typist, be well presented and articulate and enjoy working as part of a team.’
    • ‘This led to exceptional improvements in typists' productivity and copy typists regularly achieved 90 WPM with the only constraint being the broken ink ribbon or running out of paper.’
    • ‘General workers, cleaners, watchmen, drivers, clerks, copy typists, receptionists and telephonists belong to the lowest categories.’
    • ‘Such invitations were impossible when the key documents had to be identified and then reproduced by copy typists.’
    • ‘‘The majority of these tend to cluster in lower rungs of work as unskilled and semi-skilled workers, clerks, copy typists, secretaries and nurses,’ she says.’
    • ‘For example, Grudin found that on 11 of 15 occasions, copy typists spontaneously corrected the spelling of a misspelled word with which they were inadvertently presented.’
    • ‘The typed script will be returned to the examiners with a declaration, signed by the copy typist/copyist and yourself that the instructions have been followed.’
    • ‘A second option is to strive to get along with secretaries and copy typists - who often enjoy the privilege of typing dismissal letters!’