Meaning of copyhold in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒpɪhəʊld/


mass noun historical British
  • Tenure of land based on manorial records.

    ‘Hogarth acquired the copyhold of a red brick villa’
    • ‘freehold and copyhold land’
    • ‘I use the word sale for simplicity although, being copyhold, the land was in fact surrendered to the Lord of the Manor by the vendors and then re-granted by him to the purchasers.’
    • ‘Broadly, over half of English tenants held their land by copyhold, that is by customary tenures involving low rents.’
    • ‘Only in Denmark, where there was equally no serfdom, was there a sale of unprofitable copyhold lands by landowners from the 1780s, which gave rise to a class of 60,000 large tenant-farmers who came to form the backbone of the country.’
    • ‘In 1732 a statute set a property-owning minimum at an (in the circumstances) relatively modest level: the would-be justice had to hold property by freehold, copyhold, or a lease for lives worth £100 a year.’
    • ‘It is known to have been held by the Hathaway family from at least 1543, as part of copyhold property granted then to John Hathaway.’