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‘The printer was French and it may be that the printing techniques were less than ideal even for the time. No copyreader or editor was involved.’
  • ‘He moved to the editorial page in 1995 as copyreader and later became a copy editor.’
  • ‘Ernie was a hard-drinking copyreader, and Jerry could stand a drink pretty well herself.’
  • ‘The publisher at the Shipper decided he needed a full-time copyreader, and asked Murphy to work full time or quit.’
  • ‘His handwriting was so small that his copyreaders had to leave pins in his manuscripts when they stopped reading in order to find their place later.’
  • ‘Though the star editors or copyreaders may have added commas in Hemingway's sentences, I have changed punctuation only on a few occasions where necessary for clarity or understanding or identity.’
  • ‘The second-check role of the copyreader is eliminated.’
  • ‘Vince said in a phone interview just moments ago with Vivian, our angry copyreader, that he is prepared to face the consequences.’
  • ‘And when the writing ends, there is the editing, and the responding to copyreaders, and more revisions, keeping one from moving on to the next writing project.’
  • ‘The copyreader will not have to search the entire story for headline material.’