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‘Taking a break between scenes, Carmína Riego, the actress who plays Señora Galindo, says that her big-haired, flouncy character is an exaggerated version of Chilean female coquettishness.’
  • ‘This isn't helped a great deal by the characterisation of Lady Teazle: rather than manipulative coquettishness we get a slightly nervous adolescent.’
  • ‘Suwage's realist paintings are not just imitations or transfers of reality, there is coquettishness, humor, sarcasm, satire as well as condemnation of the situation around us.’
  • ‘He prescribed vanity and coquettishness to cure societal ills, and it worked, for a string of fifteen top ten hit songs.’
  • ‘There is also a coquettishness about her gaze, which suggests that this painting may be intended to be something of an in-joke.’