Meaning of coracoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒrəkɔɪd/


(also coracoid process)
  • A short projection from the shoulder blade in mammals, to which part of the biceps is attached.

    ‘On the lateral side of the superior border is a thick projection for muscle attachment, called the coracoid process.’
    • ‘The coracoid process may exist as a separate bone.’
    • ‘Associated fractures of the coracoid process or the lateral one third of the clavicle may occur, necessitating an orthopedic referral.’
    • ‘According to Benton, Huene's reconstruction has the torso too short, the coracoid too small, and perhaps the feet a bit large.’
    • ‘This view is most appropriate for diagnosing dislocations or subtle scapular fractures, particularly those of the coracoid process.’


Mid 18th century from modern Latin coracoides, from Greek korakoeidēs ‘raven-like’, from korax ‘raven’ (because of the resemblance to a raven's beak).