Meaning of coral rag in English:

coral rag


mass noun
  • Rubbly limestone composed chiefly of petrified coral.

    ‘Then, quite suddenly, the tarmac gave up so that we found ourselves bumping along a strip of white coral rag.’
    • ‘All were made of cinder block and coral rag and had highly flammable palm-thatch roofs known locally as makuti.’
    • ‘In Zanzibar, its habitats include the ground water forest, coral rag forest and possibly mangrove forest.’
    • ‘All structures were built of coral rag, quarried locally, and set in mortar made of earth, sand and lime.’
    • ‘They used caves in the coral rag to prey and do ceremonies, and until today they do so.’
    • ‘This small, uninhabited Island 8km off the coast of Zanzibar is dominated by coral rag forest and bordered by a west fringing coral reef of exceptional biodiversity and beauty.’
    • ‘Only Rowa island has large trees and these make it appear to be higher than it actually is; it's really only a low heap of coral rag rising no more than about 5 metres above sea level.’
    • ‘Depending on the tides, the beach provides alternating recreation from crab-watching walks along the coral rag to bathing in clear blue sea.’
    • ‘Expedition members learn rare coral rag forest exploration techniques and observe vulnerable Colobus monkeys and study their behaviour.’
    • ‘Chumbe Forest Reserve: a coral rag forest with a unique flora and wildlife including numerous reptiles, birds, crabs and the rare nocturnal Coconut Crab.’