Meaning of coram populo in English:

coram populo

Pronunciation /ˌkɔːrəm ˈpɒpjʊləʊ/


  • In public.

    ‘Consecration through the vow of obedience, on the other hand, is made coram populo, that is, in front of everyone.’
    • ‘While there is some positive symbolism to be recognized in Mass coram populo, there is also a very negative symbolism.’
    • ‘I deplored a modish production that kept the singers donning and doffing clothes, embracing, pawing, snogging coram populo.’
    • ‘The admission exam went very well, and in the temple I received ,coram populo, the congratulations of the president.’
    • ‘As I did not want to discuss my instructions coram populo, I turned the conversation to the establishment of the dispensary.’


Latin, literally ‘in the presence of the people’.