Meaning of cord cutter in English:

cord cutter


  • A person who cancels or forgoes a pay television subscription or landline phone connection in favour of an alternative internet-based or wireless service.

    • ‘the ranks of the cord cutters are growing, adding to the incipient rebellion around pay TV’
    • ‘According to a recent survey, 33 percent of cord cutters would not return to cable, even if the cost was drastically reduced.’
    • ‘While the number of cord cutters might be lower this year, it's hard to deny the number of new cable and satellite subscribers is slowing down.’
    • ‘But are cord cutters willing to spend the cash for content?’
    • ‘Perhaps intoxicated by the money they think they're saving, cord cutters tend to be evangelical about their lifestyle.’
    • ‘The vast majority of these cord cutters are college students and twenty-somethings, experts say.’
    • ‘Already, cord cutters are dropping cable or satellite to watch TV through iPads or game consoles.’
    • ‘Once a specialty niche favored by geeks and cord cutters, these gadgets are some of the hottest items around.’
    • ‘Pay-TV companies and networks need to make a change to stop the loss of cord cutters and entice the potential audience that's never paid for TV.’
    • ‘Until recently these cord cutters have had little effect on the subscription TV market.’
    • ‘Even cord cutters needed the modern equivalent of bunny ears if they wanted to get live news on their television.’