Meaning of cord cutting in English:

cord cutting


mass noun informal
  • The practice of cancelling or forgoing a pay television subscription or landline phone connection in favour of an alternative internet-based or wireless service.

    • ‘whenever there is talk of a pay TV decline, thoughts inevitably turn to cord cutting’
    • ‘During the last 14 months, my fiancee and I have found cord cutting to be surprisingly easy overall, though occasionally frustrating.’
    • ‘There's still a lot of momentum behind cord cutting and a la carte television consumption.’
    • ‘We believe this growth will be short lived as cord cutting continues and alternate video platforms continue to add more subscribers.’
    • ‘The cable industry has seen a consistent decline in television subscribers in recent years as customers engage in cord cutting.’
    • ‘But the forecast fed recent investor concerns about cord cutting.’
    • ‘The concept of cord cutting implies, of course, breaking a consumer's dependence upon cable TV as a provider of entertainment and information.’
    • ‘It seems that a new statistic emerges every couple of weeks that attempts to quantify the severity of cord cutting.’
    • ‘Cable's more reliable performance has served as a deterrent for cord cutting.’
    • ‘A service that offers live television could make cord cutting even more palatable.’