Meaning of cordgrass in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːdɡrɑːs/


mass noun
  • A coarse wiry coastal grass which is sometimes used to stabilize mudflats.

    Genus Spartina, family Gramineae

    ‘Marsh vegetation consists mainly of cattail and sedges (Scirpus americana and Carex sp.), with salt marsh cordgrass occurring along creek banks.’
    • ‘The river channel meanders through wide tidal freshwater marshes of cattail and sedges (Carex spp. and Scirpus spp.), with stands of saltmarsh cordgrass along the upper banks.’
    • ‘Along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America, both species feed exclusively on the phloem sap of cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora.’
    • ‘Snails graze in abundance on sick and dying cordgrass.’
    • ‘Prairie cordgrass dominated some areas of wet prairie, especially in the northern parts of the site, whereas bluejoint and muhly grass dominated others.’
    • ‘Observations were made on 25 dates from 19 February 2000 to 21 October 2001 on Cat Island, South Carolina, USA, in a smooth cordgrass marsh adjacent to the Beaufort River, an Atlantic coast saltwater estuary.’
    • ‘When the light is low, usually at dusk and at dawn, this shy bird emerges from the cordgrass at the edges of the marsh to feed on invertebrates in the mudflats during low tide.’
    • ‘The golden and magenta sunrise highlights the background, silhouetting the graceful cordgrass as it dances in the biting wind, and reflecting shards of sparkling light on the glassy water.’
    • ‘It's unfortunate that on Tuesday, the final day of the South Zone duck season, most duck hunters will watch the morning sky through a windshield or office window instead of through a screen of cordgrass along the edge of a marsh pond.’
    • ‘Tidal-marsh plants like smooth cordgrass absorb wave energy and filter sediment, providing vital nursery and feeding grounds for young fish and crabs as well as food and cover for marsh birds and other animals.’
    • ‘But the paddle alone is worth it: The islands in this part of Chesapeake Bay sit two or three miles apart, most of them just long, narrow strips of cordgrass and sand so small that they aren't mapped.’
    • ‘Those ponds once hosted vegetation like cordgrass, gumplant and salty, bitter pickleweed, which in turn provide homes for rails and the salt marsh harvest mouse, also listed as endangered.’
    • ‘Periwinkle snails ordinarily live in ecological harmony with salt marshes, eating only dead cordgrass and a fungus that grows on the plants.’
    • ‘Once there, the gastropods use their belt of serrated teeth, called radula, to slice the living cordgrass.’
    • ‘So there's at least a fair chance participants will see a few squads of bluewing teal darting over the cordgrass or hear the laughing call of early-arriving white-fronted geese.’
    • ‘A swarm of small ducks - blue-winged teal - bores low over the cordgrass before tumbling into a shallow marsh pond where they float at rest after enjoying a pre-dawn meal of rice from a nearby field.’
    • ‘Located on a cordgrass marsh, the house rests on random pilings that blend in with the pine grove.’