Meaning of cording in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːdɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • Cord or braid, especially that used as a decorative fabric trimming.

    ‘Place the fabric over the cording, hold the cord and begin to stitch; corded pintucks are automatically formed.’
    • ‘You can buy decorative cording for the ties or make them from the cover fabric.’
    • ‘For whiskers, thread a short length of plastic cording on a plastic needle and knot one end.’
    • ‘Bake according to package directions and thread onto two lengths of elastic cording, threading a black glass bead between each panel.’
    • ‘Use decorative cording if you like to tie around the ‘skirt’ area to give it a more structured look.’
    • ‘Thread a length of cording through each antler button.’
    • ‘Wrap one end of a 6-inch piece of thin elastic cording under a second grommet, then set it in place on the back of the card, securing the cord underneath the grommet.’
    • ‘Thread your cording through the slit in the side seam near the outside top of the bag.’
    • ‘One unexpected - but appreciated - touch was an extra set of elastic cording for the shockmount.’
    • ‘It was laced with black cording tied to a metal ring at her stomach.’
    • ‘Now tie two square knots with the cording and cut the cord as close as you can without letting the knots come undone.’
    • ‘I didn't use any cording in the buttonholes as is usually suggested for bulkier knits.’
    • ‘Place the cording along the shade hemline and straight stitch the edge of the cord in place.’
    • ‘If you have trouble finding cording in the correct color, consider making your own from embroidery floss or perle cotton, which is readily available in a wide color range.’
    • ‘It was made out of a light brown cording and had SIMON written in white letter beads, with a red heart on either side.’
    • ‘Emerging from beneath the cording on the sheath is an extremely durable string, which is used to attach the sheath to something, such as a belt.’
    • ‘Also, with previous methods, the cording often was cut into multiple pieces for easier insertion into the sides of the bag, which ultimately detracted from the look and feel of the bedding.’
    • ‘For the cording amount, add the measurements of the upper and lower shade edges and round up to the nearest 1/8 yard.’
    • ‘The pillow shams are crisply tailored and feature cording details.’
    string, thread, thong, lace, ribbon, strap, tape, tie, line, rope, cable, wire, ligature