Main meanings of cordoba in English

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Pronunciation /ˈkɔːdəbə/


  • The basic monetary unit of Nicaragua, equal to 100 centavos.

    ‘Two thousand workers abandoned their occupation of the Los Monos Park when the government promised roadwork jobs at 31 cordobas (two US dollars) per day.’
    • ‘One main aim of this plan was to halt the rampant inflation of the Nicaraguan currency, the cordoba.’
    • ‘The Sandinista Labor Federation is demanding a minimum wage that reflects the cost of the basic family bread basket, or 24,000 cordobas a month, which would double the present minimum wage.’
    • ‘The latter received a bonus of 400 cordobas, while SMV members were only paid 200.’
    • ‘Some sip on Coca-Cola, others pull a couple of cordobas from their pockets to treat themselves to a corn patty.’


Named after F. Fernández de Córdoba, a 16th-century Spanish governor of Nicaragua.

Main meanings of Cordoba in English

: cordoba1Cordoba2


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːdəbə/

proper noun

(also Cordova)
  • 1A city in Andalusia, southern Spain; population 325,453 (2008). Founded by the Carthaginians, it was under Moorish rule from 711 to 1236, and was renowned for its architecture, particularly the Great Mosque.

  • 2A city in central Argentina; population 1,319,000 (est. 2005).