Meaning of cordwood in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːdwʊd/


mass noun
  • Wood that has been cut into uniform lengths, used especially as firewood or for building.

    ‘The Bodie Railway, built in the early 1880s, was an isolated line that ran south from Bodie over 30 miles to timbered areas south and east of Mono Lake, to supply timbers and cordwood for the mines and mill at Bodie.’
    • ‘For building in seismic (earthquake-prone) areas, the post-and-beam style is the only method of cordwood building I would advise.’
    • ‘But Papa had built a little section of roof over the door and there was a six-foot tall stack of cordwood against the wall of the house right next to the door, so that must have provided some kind of shelter from the cold.’
    • ‘Burning cordwood has so many benefits, economy-wise.’
    • ‘This roasting was begun by laying 4-foot cordwood of good quality, in a rectangular area about 100 feet long and 60 feet wide.’
    • ‘That implied that about 2.6 million of cordwood is used annually making it among the highest contributors of deforestation.’
    • ‘Author Roy Rob and his wife, Jaki, used the age-old technique of cordwood masonry to construct the main living quarters and outbuildings on their homestead in West Chazy, New York.’
    • ‘I have just started building a cordwood smokehouse thanks to the June / July 2003 article.’