Meaning of core value in English:

core value


  • A principle or belief that a person or organization views as being of central importance.

    ‘the editor wants to attract more young readers to the paper while maintaining its core values’
    • ‘Every small business should decide for itself what its core values are.’
    • ‘Diversity is a globally recognized core value in our organization that spans over 90 countries worldwide.’
    • ‘Once we've defined our core values, we need to communicate them to hundreds of people throughout our organization.’
    • ‘We are working to restore public trust in our profession and demonstrate the integrity that is a core value of our firm.’
    • ‘Tenacity is a core value at our company.’
    • ‘Development and poverty alleviation is a core value of our association.’
    • ‘Empathy is often cited as a core value in the health profession.’
    • ‘Her deep and abiding faith has always been a core value in her life.’
    • ‘The core value for him is equality.’
    • ‘I suppose it comes down to a belief in a set of core values that are unshakeable and at the core of my very being.’