Meaning of corella in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrɛlə/


  • A white Australasian cockatoo with some pink feathers on the face, bare blue skin around the eye, and typically a long bill.

    Genus Cacatua, family Cacatuidae (or Psittacidae): three species, in particular the widespread little corella (C. sanguinea)

    ‘At this particular waterhole we've got a lot of galahs and corellas around and storms like this kick into life the ecosystems out here.’
    • ‘But I thought western corellas would be easy, and western wattlebirds are classified as common.’
    • ‘Overhead, meanwhile, a wedge-tailed eagle hovers on the breeze and a posse of corellas flee in a flurry from tree to tree, their bar-room squawk amplified by the walls of the Gorge.’
    • ‘Across the river you'll spot (depending on the time of day and tilt of your head) swooping eagles, bulbous 1000-year old boab trees, flocks of noisy corellas or silent stars.’
    • ‘The local GWN office was inundated with calls on Friday after it was reported a television station had scared off a Perth gun club hired to cull corellas in Dongara.’
    • ‘We were there too the following dawn when it was so still that the Gorge seemed like a translucent painting, disturbed only by the flurry of noisy corellas fleeing from tree to tree.’
    • ‘More than 4000 corellas have been hanging around Dongara this summer.’
    • ‘It's early evening when Nick and I walk down to a bend in the river, and the red tail black cockatoos and little corellas are settling into the gum trees.’


Late 19th century from Wiradhuri.