Meaning of corgi in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːɡi/

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nounplural noun corgis

(also Welsh corgi)
  • A dog of a short-legged breed with a foxlike head.

    ‘The dogs included shih-tzus, dachshunds, lhasa apsos, bearded collies, corgis, chihuahuas, poodles, Pekinese and Yorkshire terriers.’
    • ‘We don't want our nation overrun by a host of poodles, corgis or pit bull terriers.’
    • ‘Baby Puppy in Show went to a corgi (an older corgi took Best in Show as well) but Millie stepped out very nicely.’
    • ‘As the Queen posed for a team picture with the England squad, Berry, a rather determined palace dorgi - a cross between a Dachshund and a corgi - insisted he too was on the snapshot.’
    • ‘Without a television or newspapers for entertainment, he spends his time there drinking with the curtains closed against the sunlight, or playing with his dog, a corgi, and claims not to mind the weather.’
    • ‘Many different kinds of animals were moved this way - pigs, cattle, sheep and geese would be driven depending on the time of year - and the working dog was the corgi.’
    • ‘The corgi, one of Queen Elizabeth's favorite breeds, is among 162 dog breeds and varieties competing in this year's Westminster Dog Show.’
    • ‘The Queen also introduced a new breed of dog known as the ‘dorgi’ when one of her corgis was mated with a dachshund named Pipkin which belonged to Princess Margaret.’
    • ‘The burglars struck as she slipped out for a few minutes to buy food for Baz and her corgi cross Gus - both rescue dogs.’
    • ‘Although the royal corgis weren't in evidence, there were those sparse looking patches of grass familiar to any dog owner!’
    • ‘This Christmas, while her landlady is up in Sandringham and the corgis are safely tucked up in their kennels, Dame Edna welcomes a brace of cameras and some very special guests into her temporary, humble abode.’
    • ‘There were also a huge range of aspects of Her Majesty's life - from images of her relaxing with her family and corgis, entertaining, on her royal duties, and as Head of the Commonwealth.’
    • ‘I notice a couple of corgis dozing on the carpet.’
    • ‘Her first corgi was named Susan and she has owned more than 30 corgis since.’
    • ‘I suppose you could always blame it on one of the corgis.’
    • ‘They had no children but shared their home with their corgis Foxy and Lady.’
    • ‘You just don't see corgis in the middle of the Serb highlands, and even now I try to figure out how it got there.’
    • ‘A huge black-and-brown mutt flung itself against the wire at her; something that looked vaguely like a corgi looked at her indifferently.’
    • ‘I have two cats and a corgi, and I love animals - but people, they ain't.’
    • ‘Clément the corgi is at their villa in Andalusia.’


1920s from Welsh, from cor ‘dwarf’ + ci ‘dog’.