Meaning of corky in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːki/

adjectiveadjective corkier, adjective corkiest

  • 1Resembling cork.

    ‘corky lesions on apples’
    • ‘Why do some of my apples have corky, brown blotches on the surface?’
    • ‘When the melting pot is finally empty, you are left with weird, corky bark which itself is a talking point.’
  • 2(of wine) corked.

    ‘a musty quality in all three bottles tasted caused some judges to call this wine corky’
    • ‘And our very own Wine and Spirit Association, WSA, took for ever to publish its own findings and when it did, in typical ostrich fashion it claimed that corky wines hardly existed in the UK.’
    • ‘When a cork is contaminated with TCA it makes the wine that comes into contact with it stink and taste bad and we say the wine is corked or corky.’
    • ‘If the Davis researchers could use their NMR to measure corky off-flavor - a more widespread spoilage problem - then the system might find more use, Henick-Kling says.’