Meaning of cormel in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːm(ə)l/


  • A small corm growing at the side of a mature corm.

    ‘As the plant grew, the end of the old corm died progressively from the bottom, and new secondary corms or cormels grew from one or more lateral buds.’
    • ‘Species grown mainly for their tubers are: Xanthosoma sagittifolium (yellow yautia), whose small cormels around the central corm are called ‘nut eddos’ in the W. Indies; and X. violaceum (primrose malanga).’
    • ‘If the tiny cormels are desired for future propagation, dig carefully and sort by varieties immediately.’
    • ‘Before putting the corms and cormels into storage, dust them with an insecticide for thrip control.’
    • ‘For this reason it is desirable to save cormels to develop a constant supply of young, vigorous corms.’
    • ‘Also remove and label the small cormels and place in a paper bag for storage for future planting.’
    • ‘Gladiolus is propagated from cormels which grow in clusters on stolons between mother and daughter corms.’
    • ‘Corms and cormels that are planted immediately after treatment will sprout within 3 to 4 weeks.’
    • ‘The lower part of the corm produces numerous roots and several cormels which arise from its axillary buds.’
    • ‘These cormels are planted after the dormancy period when the roots at the base indicate swelling.’
    • ‘If a new cormel is large, it may produce flowers the following year, but normally it takes two to three years.’
    • ‘For tender plants like gladiolus, store the corms and cormels in a cool, dry place over winter and plant in spring.’
    • ‘Varieties that produce cormels are considered to have a superior flavour and texture.’
    • ‘Branched stolons could be found through the period of cormel formation and each of them produced a cormel at the tip.’
    • ‘Dasheen is ready for harvest when all or most of the cormels have become dormant; that is, when the leaves have dried.’
    • ‘The cormels are used for human consumption while the corms are used for animal feeding.’
    • ‘Hot water treatments are an effective way to control nematodes in dormant cormels of dasheen cultivars used for planting.’
    • ‘If you have bulbs in your garden, you can dig them up and break apart the clumps of bulbs, planting the bulblets and cormels independently as you would a bulb.’
    • ‘Inoculated plants produced larger daughter corms and more cormels than uninoculated plants, and allocated more biomass to the corms than the cormels, which lowered the average weight of the cormels.’
    • ‘Each cormel can be pulled from the corm and planted to create a new plant.’