Meaning of cormlet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːmlət/


  • A small corm growing at the base of a mature corm.

    ‘It will take anywhere from 2-5 years for these cormlets to produce a flower.’
    • ‘If mowed earlier than this, the newly forming cormlets (developing on top of the mother corm) will not become large enough to flower next year.’
    • ‘The small cormlets can be removed in the spring and planted with the regular corms in a nursery row.’
    • ‘The small cormlets are more difficult to overwinter - try using shallow trays filled with dry peat.’
    • ‘In order to propagate, lift the corms and gently pull away the cormlets then replant the mature corm.’
    • ‘Grows satisfactorily from cormlets, because husks of cormlets are very hardy and they sprout very long.’
    • ‘Take care to remove all the little cormlets too, you may want to keep them to build up your planting stock.’
    • ‘The plants produce numerous cormlets and the flowers are lighter in color with more prominent inrolled staminodes.’
    • ‘The cultivars do not necessarily grow true from their seeds, though the offset cormlets do grow true to the parent.’
    • ‘This involves picking off the cormlets and replanting them elsewhere in the garden.’
    • ‘Here on the west coast, where every wee cormlet left in the ground in the fall sprouts in the spring, home gardeners will empathize with Parkinson.’
    • ‘Any small cormlets can also be planted out next year, but these won't flower, but will grow into larger flowering size corms for the following year.’
    • ‘Inoculation increased the number of cormlets produced by two of the three varieties, however only one variety produced larger cormlets when inoculated.’
    • ‘It will take anywhere from 2-5 years for these cormlets to produce a flower.’
    • ‘As maturity approaches, the leaves begin to diminish in size, flowering occurs and the cormlets reach maximum size for the season.’
    • ‘You can dig them up and peel off the cormlets to grow new plants.’
    • ‘Removal of buds in cutting reduced inflorescence number and corm and cormlet yield.’