Meaning of corn beef in English:

corn beef



mass noun
  • Corned beef.

    ‘The evening saw everyone returning to Caf Kronborg where they were treated to an excellent meal, sponsored by the owner Bjarne Neilsen, of a superb Irish stew and lovely corn beef.’
    • ‘So anyway, I'll eat most things (except corn beef, especially if it's hot, kippers and sweet bread like the stuff they use to make iced buns) - I'm not really fussy.’
    • ‘But she was like the finest of deli meat cutters who removed all the fat from your corn beef and then replaced it with even more clean fat, only because the customer is always right.’
    • ‘She then sat beside me and also grabbed three slices of sandwiches and corn beef as her spread.’
    • ‘Arriving back we found out Bobby had been slaving over a hot stove all day, and between them they had produced a meal of corn beef and cabbage with potatoes, carrots, and crusty bread.’
    • ‘I am willing to bet that 8 out of ten boys and men have a scar on their body somewhere from a gash created by fooling around with an empty can of corn beef.’
    • ‘Who could disagree regarding the value of corn beef on rye with Russian dressing?’
    • ‘The first day, his eyes follow you up and down the counter as you stride back and forth, carrying steaming plates of pancakes and corn beef hash.’
    • ‘23.02.04 - By Matthew Hurley: It all started after a few pints of Guinness and corn beef sandwiches.’
    • ‘That night, the men ate corn beef hash and peaches and thought of home.’