Meaning of corn marigold in English:

corn marigold


  • A daisy-like yellow-flowered Eurasian plant which was formerly a common weed of cornfields.

    Chrysanthemum segetum, family Compositae

    ‘An arable area at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens - part of the Go Wild festival - includes a crop with key colourful plants like common poppy, corn marigold and corncockle, plus some clover and a ‘game strip’ down one side.’
    • ‘There are also eight annuals including corn poppy, corn marigold and cornflower and three biannuals including the most dramatic of all wildflowers, the foxglove.’
    • ‘As well as holding a huge range of grassland wild flowers, such as ox-eye daisies, poppies, campion and corn marigold, the nursery grows plants from wetland, upland and woodland habitats.’
    • ‘The front row, of corn marigolds, has barely germinated at all though.’
    • ‘Corn marigold flowers from June to September, or even into October.’