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Pronunciation /ˈkɔːnbɔːl/

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informal North American
  • Trite and sentimental.

    • ‘a cornball movie’
    • ‘It's a horrible mess of a film, sticky with cornball patriotism and lump-in-the-throat sentimental cliches.’
    • ‘What keeps this series from drowning, not only in its squalid setting, depressing dynamics, and cornball cliché is this bucking of convention.’
    • ‘The ending is as cornball and predictable as they come.’
    • ‘Some obligatory cornball dialogue and effects make for fun viewing - could have used a bit more pointless carnage, however.’
    • ‘Finding Neverland, which explores the events that inspired J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, briefly skirts that line before veering off into terribly cornball territory.’
    • ‘But will the papers, which have a combined circulation of about 46,000, retain the folksy, cornball flavor that made them so popular?’
    • ‘After all, seeing as the rather clunky series, a quintessential bit of cornball Canadiana, was pretty bloody grim, it means the new series doesn't have a whole lot to live up to.’
    • ‘I could write about Luke's infrequent and reluctant observances of personal hygiene, or his frequent and enthusiastic attempts at cornball humour.’
    • ‘Craig Storper's adaptation of Lauran Paine's novel is riddled with cornball dialogue that unfolds in grindingly earnest platitudes.’
    • ‘But while Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet turned in melodramatic, cornball performances, Linney's was powerful and shocking.’
    • ‘The Special Effects are technically good, just deliberately very cornball, and the film as a whole is somewhat tongue-in-cheek.’
    • ‘That's all kind of cornball stuff, but I like doing that stuff in these towns.’
    • ‘Because this is pure cornball cheese: a showbizzy homage to Las Vegas, which tips a stylistic nod at Tom Jones along the way.’
    • ‘Jackson told cornball jokes to break the ice and fooled around on stage with various silly props.’
    • ‘At the core of this cornball crock of crudity is a compelling story of small town transformation, how one man with his unique needs had previously closed-off individuals looking within themselves regarding their personal prejudices.’
    • ‘It has all the elements: violence, revenge, gorgeous women whose breasts are frequently revealed, cornball humor, social commentary.’
    • ‘But the main reason why this movie is getting a recommendation, not a flat out rejection, is because this commentator can see a little of his own courtship in this cornball tale of overcoming universal odds for love.’
    • ‘The drama is punctuated with moments of cornball humor and wit.’
    • ‘The main source of the film's fancy, the music, is also a strange amalgamation of previous popular Tinseltown sound-alikes mixed with really awkward attempts at cornball classicism.’
    • ‘And while there are some truly cornball moments, as well as some goofy acting choices, I'd be hard pressed not to recommend this flick to families.’
    ordinary, run-of-the-mill, middle-of-the-road, mainstream, unremarkable, unexceptional, undistinguished, uninspired, unexciting, unmemorable, forgettable, indifferent, average, so-so, mediocre, pedestrian, prosaic, lacklustre, dull, bland, uninteresting, mundane, everyday, quotidian, humdrum, hackneyed, trite, banal, clichéd, predictable, overused, overdone, overworked, stale, worn out, time-worn, tired, unoriginal, derivative


informal North American
  • A person with trite or sentimental ideas.

    • ‘he was a cornball when compared to the svelte politicians of today’
    • ‘I also never took the time to read through the 24-page booklet that came with it, so I'm at a loss to explain just how these ‘ONLY IN AMERICA’ cornballs came into existence.’
    • ‘One cornball had parked his 1969 Olds 442 muscle car, complete with a stuffed Grim Reaper figure in the front passenger seat, outside the museum.’
    • ‘I don't mean to sound like a cornball, but go get busy!’
    • ‘Say what you will about Joey Reynolds: he may be a cornball, but he sure knows how not to have his station's licence revoked…’
    • ‘Is it the cornball, feel-good premise that lies at the script's core?’
    • ‘Unfortunately, Kimbrough has a problematic rococo streak and can be a real cornball.’
    • ‘Really, at times she thought she had been such a cornball for spilling her heart out to them this much - but, even so, they had done the same.’
    • ‘Mr. Sommers, aside from being an absurd boss, was also quite a cornball when he wasn't looking.’
    • ‘What a cornball, she mumbled to herself as she took a seat in the back of the room.’
    • ‘He knew it made him a sentimental cornball but he could bask in Ally's beauty for hours on end.’
    • ‘How can a man so confident till that point turn into the stereotypical mushy cornball?’