Meaning of cornetfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːnətfɪʃ/

nounplural noun cornetfish, plural noun cornetfishes

  • A large marine fish with a long, narrow snout, an elongated body, and a whiplike extension to the tail. It is common in shallow tropical waters of the Atlantic and Indo-Pacific region.

    Family Fistularidae and genus Fistularia: several species

    ‘Species that feed at dusk are termed crepuscular and include jacks snappers, tarpon, cornetfishes and groupers.’
    • ‘Around the two Piton sites we shared the ocean with parrotfish, trumpetfish, smooth trunkfish, cornetfish, tiger grouper, a trio of barracuda, rock beauties, Spanish hogfish and many more exotic species.’
    • ‘The reef earns its good reputation with large gorgonian fan corals up to 3m across and cornetfish, groupers and glassfish in abundance.’
    • ‘Covered in corals and sponges, it is a colourful environment stacked with sea-horses, young spiny burrfish and cornetfish.’
    • ‘A shoal of cornetfish pass by - an extraordinary sight, three foot long and barely three inches in diameter.’