Meaning of cornflakes in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɔːnfleɪks/

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plural noun

  • A breakfast cereal consisting of toasted flakes made from maize flour.

    ‘Over breakfast I introduced him to cornflakes, muesli, yoghurt, and peach slices.’
    • ‘I'd have soup for dinner or breakfast but I usually have cornflakes in the morning with the unsweetened soya milk.’
    • ‘For me, that would be a bowl of cornflakes and a couple of poached eggs on toast and maybe some baked beans, too.’
    • ‘Carer Dennis Head told an inquest that he had popped out to pour a bath for a fellow resident at the Stafford House unit after helping Mr Ashton to eat his cornflakes and toast.’
    • ‘Joanna was in a good mood the next day, humming through a mouthful of cornflakes while eating breakfast.’
    • ‘They say the food is inadequate, with meals consisting of little more than soup and chips, or a packet of cornflakes for breakfast.’
    • ‘I ate my breakfast of cornflakes while my father read the paper.’
    • ‘He couldn't cook, so for almost every meal in the day he ate cornflakes or toast.’
    • ‘I had spotted it one evening in a marked-down bin at Variety Stores, the neighbourhood shop to which we went for everything from safety pins to cornflakes.’
    • ‘It has a rich but soft taste, much like sweetened cornflakes.’
    • ‘It was pretty much all corn: corn fritters, corn bread, corn porridge, popcorn, cornflakes and mom's special corn surprise.’
    • ‘It was cornflakes and full English for breakfast - no alternative - and check-out by 9.45 am prompt.’
    • ‘I helped myself to breakfast, doing my best not to spill too many cornflakes and cleaned up afterwards, crawling under the table to chase stray flakes.’
    • ‘He grabbed a piece of toast and guzzled down a bowl of cornflakes.’
    • ‘Ignore the glossy cornflakes and have an egg for breakfast.’
    • ‘Who dictates that rashers, eggs, sausages, milk and cornflakes are what we should eat for breakfast?’
    • ‘A midnight snack of raw horse meat and rusks was followed later by a walk and a hearty breakfast of egg, milk and cornflakes.’
    • ‘Over my cornflakes this morning my 10-year-old daughter Sacha was telling me about her biology class with her teacher, Mr Wildgust.’
    • ‘All I wanted was a bowl of cornflakes and some orange juice.’
    • ‘Today he has given me a bowl of cornflakes frosted with maple syrup (they are made by Whole Earth and are just scrummy) which I could leave to get soggy in the milk.’