Meaning of Cornish hen in English:

Cornish hen


(also Cornish game hen)
another term for Rock Cornish
‘There are two other options - an entire Cornish hen or smoked trout - but, according to one waiter, only a minute portion of visitors here ever order those items.’
  • ‘She also includes a mustard-based sauce for barbecued Cornish game hens.’
  • ‘And I have two Cornish game hens that are calling my name to be cooked for dinner.’
  • ‘Here's something I made up for Melissa after seeing Cornish game hens at the grocery store.’
  • ‘The modestly priced roasted Cornish hen, stuffed with an intriguing savory-sweet mix of chopped walnuts, bacon, endive and raisins, was an unreserved delight.’