Meaning of coronoid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒrənɔɪd/


  • Relating to or denoting a hooked projection of bone.

    ‘Superior to the trochlea is another anterior depression called the coronoid fossa which receives part of the ulna when flexed.’
    • ‘The anterior compartment is thoroughly evaluated for loose bodies; evidence of chondral damage to the coronoid process, capitellum, or radial head; or osteophyte formation in the coronoid fossa.’
    • ‘On one specimen tiny coronoid teeth are shown in medial view.’
    • ‘In both specimens, the prearticular extends forward to a point midway between the two large coronoid teeth.’
    • ‘At the left, the coronoid toothrow appears disrupted - probably by the offset roots of the anterior coronoid fangs.’


(also coronoid bone)
  • A slender bone forming part of the lower jaw in primitive vertebrates.

    ‘These striations indicate where the dentary was overlapped medially by the coronoids.’
    • ‘All three coronoids are dentigerous.’
    • ‘The dentary narrows posterior to the coronoid, and forms a short but robust condylar process that terminates in a large, broad condyle.’
    • ‘The supradentary overgrows the joint and fuses with the coronoid.’
    • ‘The coronoid bone has been reduced to a small, ovoid element on the medial face of the dentary.’


Mid 18th century from Greek korōnē, denoting something hooked, + -oid.