Meaning of corporativism in English:



See corporative

‘Economically, this is the hallmark of the different varieties of socialism, whether you call it communism, fascism, Marxism, mercantilism, corporativism, or what have you.’
  • ‘Jan Myrdal is right when he identifies corporativism in the cultural sector as the greatest and most immediate threat to freedom of expression and artistic quality in Sweden.’
  • ‘This session raises the question of the elites and corporativism in different parts of the Iberian world, in other words, Spain, Portugal and various Latin American countries.’
  • ‘Large interest organisations are not to be found in the lobby, perhaps because they have direct access to the power elites even after the end of corporativism.’
  • ‘The Principles set out a number of attractive goals: cooperative management-labor relations, an end to union corruption and corporativism, and enhanced economic performance.’