Meaning of corpse candle in English:

corpse candle


  • A lambent flame seen just above the ground in a churchyard or over a grave, superstitiously regarded as an omen of death.

    ‘In the old days they called them corpse candles because they were so often seen in cemeteries.’
    • ‘He had not gone much further when he saw a corpse candle moving before him along the road.’
    • ‘If two corpse candles were seen at the same time this was taken to indicate that two deaths would occur in the same household at about the same time.’
    • ‘In Welsh lore, a small, pale or bluish corpse candle presages the death of an infant, while a big light presages the death of an adult.’
    • ‘While reports of corpse candles have been recorded all over the UK, they are most numerous in Wales, where they are also known as Cannyllau Cyrth.’