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‘The term theatrical has been redeemed from its derogatory past, and made to suit the same purpose, correlatively, as painterly.’
  • ‘Before discussing current views on this and the earlier thesis, it will therefore be useful to be reminded of what some earlier philosophers have had to say about existence and, correlatively, about ‘is’ and ‘exists’ as verbs of being.’
  • ‘Subsequent to its formalization, the policy may be amended by agreement with the Taker of the Insurance, by means of annexes, numbered correlatively, as many times as necessary.’
  • ‘This possibility raises the question of whether such family members have a right to such information and, correlatively, whether there is an obligation on health care providers to disseminate such information.’
  • ‘So long as I am practically engaged, in short, all things appear to have reasons for being, and I, correlatively, experience myself as fully at home in the world.’