Meaning of correspondence theory in English:

correspondence theory


  • The theory that states that the definition or criterion of truth is that true propositions correspond to the facts.

    ‘For foundationalists - or for advocates of the correspondence theory of truth generally - a belief or proposition is either true or it isn't.’
    • ‘It is more likely that the move invokes a certain form of the correspondence theory of truth: if what someone says at a certain time is true, then the state of the world at that time must be such as to make it true.’
    • ‘How should one go about deciding between the correspondence theory and the prosentential theory?’
    • ‘But not all philosophies are metaphysics, and not all rely on the correspondence theory of truth.’
    • ‘What would theology look like if it not only rejected the primacy of the correspondence theory of truth, but sought to follow Wittgenstein and move beyond realism as well?’