Meaning of corrido in English:


Pronunciation /kɒˈriːdəʊ/

nounplural noun corridos

  • A ballad in a traditional Mexican style, typically having lyrics that narrate a historical event.

    ‘several corridos devoted to the tragedy were composed’
    • ‘In migrant communities, however, the corrido remains the newspaper of illiterate people.’
    • ‘A commissioned corrido, on the other hand, is a story based more on a specific person.’
    • ‘People believe a corrido much more than anything the authorities tell them.’
    • ‘That same year, Chalino composed a corrido about his brother that launched his musical career.’
    • ‘The corrido has long been an expression reflecting public values and a community's interpretation of the historical process.’
    • ‘Mr. Garcia's repertory includes songs of desperate lovers and other more traditional corrido themes.’
    • ‘Her father worked in factories while singing corridos in Mexican nightclubs around Los Angeles.’
    • ‘But Hernandez says that even the corridos featuring fictional characters reflect the realities of Mexican life.’
    • ‘Corridos narrate stories about revolution, crime, heroic showdowns, horse races and natural disasters.’
    • ‘Soon after his mysterious death in 1992, close to 150 corridos about his plight were recorded.’