Meaning of corrody in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒrədi/

nounplural noun corrodies

  • A pension or provision for maintenance, especially as given regularly by a religious house.

    ‘A wealthy person could purchase a corrody, which provided for either care in the monastic community or cash at agreed intervals.’
    • ‘She had bestowed its goods liberally on her brother and his children, and granted corrodies far too freely.’
    • ‘Nor, for his part, had Peter protested his father's trading the townhouse on Blake Street for a corrody.’
    • ‘Occasionally they may list benefactors to the monastery, specifying their particular contribution to work on the fabric, or record a wage or corrody to a building craftsman.’
    • ‘The bishop was very critical of past mismanagement of the house, and insisted that in future no corrodies should be granted.’
    nurture, feeding, life support


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French corodie, from a Romance word meaning ‘preparation’.