Meaning of corrosive in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈrəʊsɪv/

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  • Tending to cause corrosion.

    ‘the corrosive effects of salt water’
    • ‘Casein reportedly counters the effect of corrosive plaque acid from sugary foods and puts a protective film on teeth.’
    • ‘The stomach lining is tough and handles acid well, but the acid has a corrosive effect on the lining of the esophagus, which is delicate and thin.’
    • ‘Increasingly, this tidal wave seems to have had a more subtle and corrosive effect on coverage.’
    • ‘And what kind of corrosive effect does that have on politics generally?’
    • ‘This is partly because of the increasing recognition of the undemocratic and corrosive effects of secrecy.’
    • ‘His policy of managing expectations has had its predictable, corrosive effect.’
    • ‘Tests were carried out on the effects of corrosive chemicals used at home and work on the skin.’
    • ‘The spider manages to make its fiber at body temperature, without high pressures, heat, or corrosive acids.’
    • ‘Soft mechanical noises were the only warning as valves opened pressurized tanks of corrosive acid.’
    • ‘Citric acid is relatively non-toxic and much less corrosive than hydrochloric and sulphamic acids.’
    • ‘In some places the stone is pocked and scarred by the corrosive effects of black sulphates.’
    • ‘In addition, the organic components of adjacent threads, particularly wool, can act as a source of corrosive reagents.’
    • ‘At moderate temperatures, it resists attack by oxygen, most acids, chlorine, and other corrosive agents.’
    • ‘Business leaders are finally starting to take note, as a whole range of corrosive emotions begin to erode productivity.’
    • ‘The wood chips are placed in the digester and are cooked in a highly corrosive alkaline solution.’
    • ‘And I know that landfills emit major amounts of hydrogen chloride, a highly corrosive acid.’
    • ‘Acid rain and rain that mixes with corrosive bird droppings also tend to do more damage.’
    • ‘As a result, the push to e-commerce had a corrosive effect on the company's promotional and service efforts.’
    • ‘But sentiment is a bad barrier against the corrosive effects of our culture.’
    • ‘Even those who feared its corrosive effects on private and public morality found themselves having to concede its associated virtues as well as vices.’
    caustic, corroding, eroding, erosive, abrasive, biting, mordant, burning, stinging
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  • A corrosive substance.

    ‘That is an enormous range of substances and, as has already been pointed out, it includes explosives, corrosives, oxidising agents, reducing agents, caustic agents, and acidic agents - the works.’
    • ‘We show them the many things that can be recycled here, ranging from car batteries and waste medicine to household corrosives as well as plastic, cardboard and paint.’
    • ‘That would include corrosives used mainly for metalworking and some agricultural applications and flammables.’
    • ‘Money is a balm that eases people's shame, and a corrosive that erodes the bonds of tribalism.’
    • ‘And money, he thought, was the great corrosive, the great acid that ate away at communities and social relationships.’


Late Middle English from Old French corosif, -ive, from medieval Latin corrosivus, from Latin corros- ‘gnawed through’, from the verb corrodere (see corrode).