Meaning of corrugated iron in English:

corrugated iron

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mass noun
  • A building material consisting of iron or steel sheeting bent into a corrugated form.

    ‘The red, wood frame structure was sheathed in corrugated iron in 1922.’
    • ‘I want to fall asleep at night to the pounding of rain on corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Further on you see more permanent structures of wood or corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The seventh person was hit in Bern by a sheet of corrugated iron propelled by the winds.’
    • ‘Many of the buildings have lost their thatched roofs or have had them replaced by crude sheets of corrugated iron.’
    • ‘They had him under a piece of corrugated iron, sitting cross-legged in the street with a couple of armoured cars at his side.’
    • ‘Sheets of blue-grey corrugated iron rise more than 12 metres towards the sky.’
    • ‘All that was left of the garage was a sheet of corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The betting ring is a concreted area beneath a roof that consists of sloping sheets of corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Much of the time it was like driving over corrugated iron.’
    • ‘His fledgling business moved to a site in Hungate, where Mr Russell built a workshop from two naval Nissen huts made from corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The materials used range from laser cut steel, glass or Perspex and even the New Zealand classic, corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Home for most are crude huts, amalgams of straw and broken pieces of corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The place was littered with scrap, from oil drums, abandoned furniture and car parts to metal sheets, breezeblocks and corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Their flimsy structures are nailed together and roofed with corrugated iron.’
    • ‘Art critics and buyers turned up to find access to the gallery barred by a large sheet of corrugated iron.’
    • ‘But the worst thing was the dirt roads, which were like cycling on corrugated iron.’
    • ‘The older houses are wooden but the newer ones are made of concrete and corrugated iron.’
    • ‘They had to wear gloves as their fingers stuck to the corrugated iron in the frost.’
    • ‘Water seeped from ruptured pipes and corrugated iron dangled from the roofs of the damaged shops.’