Meaning of cortado in English:


Pronunciation /kɔːˈtɑːdəʊ/

nounplural noun cortados

  • A drink of espresso coffee with a small amount of steamed milk.

    ‘I sat down at a cafe and ordered a cortado’
    • ‘Take a seat at a sidewalk cafe and order a cortado and watch Lima's crowds parade along the avenue in the latest styles from Paris, New York and Madrid.’
    • ‘A cortado is a Spanish classic, a coffee "cut" with warm milk.’
    • ‘I'd love to hear your methods of making a cortado.’
    • ‘Depending on where you order it, a cortado may be indistinguishable from a Gibraltar.’
    • ‘Lately I've been drinking cortado a lot though, but still espresso for that quick shot.’
    • ‘Order a cortado (an espresso with a dash of milk) and a plate of empanadas (like mini Cornish pasties) and soak up the history.’
    • ‘Harry paid for a double espresso and a cortado, both in takeaway paper cups, and sat on one of the chairs on the pavement.’
    • ‘Two women sit on a small bench, one reading a newspaper as she savors a cortado.’
    • ‘The coffees are all from local roasters, lovingly prepared, and the flat whites, cortados and espressos are in the top rank of local coffee drinks.’
    • ‘Take our advice and order a Spanish cortado for a truly authentic caffeine experience - you'd be hard pressed to find another in London.’


From Spanish (café) cortado, literally ‘cut coffee’, from cortar ‘to cut’.