Meaning of cosmeceutical in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkɒzməˈs(j)uːtɪkl/


  • A cosmetic that has or is claimed to have medicinal properties.

    ‘After launching his range of cosmeceuticals recently, he was here again conducting a seminar for beauticians on Sunday.’
    • ‘Like cosmetics, cosmeceuticals are applied externally, but work by affecting the skin's biological functions.’
    • ‘Also emerging is a new line of skin-care products known as cosmeceuticals - perfect for the medical spas - such as soaps and cleansers not readily available in stores, but offered without a prescription by physicians.’
    • ‘And with that sense of urgency, I'm sure common to all patients, there is an opportunity for manufacturers of cosmeceuticals.’
    • ‘We're also using glycolic acid and other cosmeceuticals, but many of these agents are actually associated with more hype than clinical data.’
    • ‘Research on cosmeceuticals is in its infancy.’
    • ‘That's because ‘cosmeceutical’ creams and gels offer gradual, continual results.’
    • ‘In Geneva last week, where the ‘nutraceutical’ and ‘cosmeceutical’ industries gathered for the convention, much was made of the $6.3 billion that the sector is already said to be worth.’
    • ‘‘In a way, it was the world's first cosmeceutical,’ says Meyer.’
    • ‘He suggests that products based on certain harsh ingredients (as found in many of these new cosmeceutical ranges) could oversensitise the skin, causing it to age prematurely.’


1980s blend of cosmetic and pharmaceutical.