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nounplural noun cossies

(also cozzie)
  • A swimming costume or a pair of swimming trunks.

    • ‘Now of course when it comes to pulling on our togs, cozzies, bathers or trunks and swimming competitively, Australians never seem to be too far from the medals.’
    • ‘I could see beachgoers in their swimming cossies.’
    • ‘On Tuesday, she shopped for a swimming cossie at the store.’
    • ‘I hung my cozzie and sarong on the rickety fan to dry as it churned the thick air, slowly.’
    • ‘The good news is whether you want to boost your bust, bare your legs or tuck away your tummy, the variety swimwear available means you can find the perfect cossie to fit your figure.’
    • ‘I said something about no cozzies, and she stripped to just underwear and slipped into the water.’
    • ‘I'm going to take my cozzie up to the Hebrides when I go on holiday later this week, but the weather's supposed to be turning, so I'm not confident that I'll be able to go for more than an extended paddle.’
    • ‘OK, lets dress it up in Victorian cossies and make a period drama.’
    • ‘Think about coming back from the beach/pool with soggy cossies slapping at your legs or leaking onto your book in your fancy beach bag.’
    • ‘But you really need to pack your binoculars as well as a cossie, hiking boots as well as flip-flops, and a diving mask as well as shades, because there's a lot more to Tobago than beaches.’
    • ‘So wear your cossie all day (watch out for frostbite, mind).’
    • ‘I got out of the spa and danced in front of the mirrors in my cozzies for a minute.’
    • ‘We stood at the edge shivering in our cozzies and looked across the milky aquamarine water, steam curling around our feet.’
    • ‘I wasn't much of a swimmer, but I loved my cozzie.’
    • ‘The time has come to don that cossie and get active for a great cause.’
    • ‘Thirdly, I passed and saluted a man of about my own age, clad in cozzie like myself, apparently another Sandy Beach flaneur who I see quite often on the road or the beach.’
    • ‘I don't think I would like it if folk watched me fall off my board all the time, cellulite flapping in the breeze and cozzie riding up the wrong places.’
    • ‘Since then she's won two Olympic medals and three World Championships, the last of these in 2003, by which time she was wearing a green and gold Aussie cossie.’
    • ‘Then there's the wonderfully blue pool, two saunas, two steam rooms and two Jacuzzis, changing rooms steeped in aromatic unctions and potions, hair dryers, cozzie dryers, private showers and complimentary towels.’
    • ‘But this cossie equilibrium is not quite so simple.’



/ˈkɒzi/ /ˈkɒsi/


Early 20th century alteration of the first element of costume.