Meaning of cost-effectiveness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkɒstɪˌfɛktɪvnəs/


mass noun
  • The degree to which something is effective or productive in relation to its cost.

    ‘the college will be able to improve the cost-effectiveness of policing’
    • ‘Throughout the project, there will be continuous evaluations of the cost-effectiveness of all components.’
    • ‘Achieving cost-effectiveness often entails cost cutting, which can have a negative impact on available IT resources.’
    • ‘From a cost-effectiveness point of view, we'd rather do it at the factory level.’
    • ‘In fact, they have argued that the potential cost-effectiveness and efficiency of data collection by way of the internet have been overlooked.’
    • ‘His academic studies examine the cost-effectiveness of new health-care innovations.’
    • ‘In many organizations, it is executed without strategy, reducing cost-effectiveness and efficiency.’
    • ‘Despite its cost-effectiveness, however, this approach has two disadvantages.’
    • ‘Perhaps you could boost cost-effectiveness by reducing the number of unnecessary employees.’
    • ‘The researchers will examine the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of community-based health improvements.’
    • ‘To gain higher market penetration, manufacturers will have to gain convincing evidence of the cost-effectiveness of such devices.’