Meaning of cost saving in English:

cost saving


  • A reduction in expenses, especially in business.

    ‘the consolidation of these manufacturing facilities will deliver significant cost savings’
    • ‘Your time is worth more than the $15 cost savings.’
    • ‘The program helped them achieve total cost savings of $364 million.’
    • ‘This pan-European organization should result in cost savings for the company.’
    • ‘The brothers' innovation could result in huge cost savings for record companies that need to determine the "next big hit."’
    • ‘We target cost savings that we can gain by doing things better.’
    • ‘The medical cost savings to your business resulting from having health and wellness programs are quite real.’
    • ‘Most businesses will benefit from cost savings as they handle fewer currencies.’
    • ‘Price transparency and increased competition among suppliers could lead to estimated cost savings of $30 million a year.’
    • ‘As more people buy, the firm will discover a number of cost savings in producing larger quantities.’
    • ‘By being near to its major client, significant cost savings in terms of logistics and utilities cost were expected.’
    • ‘The potential for cost savings by reducing "errors and omissions" is huge.’
    • ‘When it comes to training, will companies shift their focus from cost savings to investment?’
    • ‘Richards was shocked when a local green building consultant estimated the energy cost savings the remodeled building would realize after five years - close to $1 million.’
    • ‘Military treatment facilities continue to provide prescription drugs free of charge - a huge cost saving available to all uniformed services beneficiaries.’
    • ‘Reducing chemical sprays also results in a cost saving to the farmer.’
    • ‘This could prove to be a nice cost saving for small to medium-sized businesses.’
    • ‘He ordered his managers to concentrate less on cost saving and more on coming up with unique products.’
    • ‘If the conventional therapy turned out to be unnecessary, then the cost saving would be tremendous.’
    • ‘There would be an overall cost saving of approximately $20,000 each year.’
    • ‘Very often a business will benefit from a cost saving by relocating or changing the number of warehouses it has in operation.’


  • Serving to reduce expenses, especially in business.

    ‘research into cost-saving technologies’
    • ‘cost-saving measures’
    • ‘Taking some of the training in-house might be a cost-saving option, particularly for courses which are given regularly.’
    • ‘Continued cost-saving methods kept the expenses low.’
    • ‘For homes or businesses that require constant illumination, tubular skylights present a cost-saving option.’
    • ‘One effective tool can be to offer employees incentives to identify cost-saving opportunities themselves.’
    • ‘Keeping standards high has become more challenging because of increasing demands for efficiency, cost-saving measures, and time pressures.’
    • ‘We're going to continue to see improved results in the medical device area because there are a lot of new cost-saving technologies being developed.’
    • ‘As the market swells, the competition gets tougher, giving the customer a greater range of benefits and cost-saving options.’
    • ‘The Internet increases competition between firms by placing downward pressure on prices and by encouraging suppliers to adopt cost-saving techniques.’
    • ‘Ideas relating to good people management and cost-saving procedures are applicable across all industries.’
    • ‘They have several cost-saving options open to them.’
    • ‘As a cost-saving device, I would advocate liberalization of censorship laws.’
    • ‘At what point do cost-saving measures begin to detract from mission effectiveness?’
    • ‘They're a small publisher, so I can almost forgive this cost-saving measure, but it's still irksome.’
    • ‘How much longer before the draft is reinstated as a cost-saving measure?’
    • ‘The company says the job cuts are not a cost-saving plan but simply a "refocussing of resources".’
    • ‘The data allow you to find cost-saving opportunities and provide a means to measure your progress.’
    • ‘To trim utility bills, follow these cost-saving tips.’