Meaning of costiveness in English:



See costive

‘Fruits, fresh vegetables, and cabbages relieve the costiveness and effect softened motions in the morning.’
  • ‘A little bit of exercise is good and can help, for example, to end the costiveness, but in excess it's bad.’
  • ‘If the bark clysters should bring on costiveness the laudanum may occasionally be omitted; if this is not attended with the desired consequences, we have recourse to a common injection.’
  • ‘Whenever sickness, vomiting, and obstinate costiveness give reason to suspect an obstruction of the bowels, all those places where ruptures usually happen ought carefully to be examined.’
  • ‘Fresh vegetables, as peas, beans, potatoes, squashes, and ripe fruits, in their season, are all wholesome, and help to relieve costiveness.’