Meaning of costume drama in English:

costume drama



  • A television or film production set in a particular historical period, in which the actors wear costumes typical of that period.

    ‘They are reportedly working on a number of scripts for the award-winning actress - including a costume drama, a thriller and a comedy - and she will asked to pick which one she prefers.’
    • ‘It's robust for a costume drama, the score and sound effects spread throughout the soundstage in surprisingly dynamic fashion.’
    • ‘Anyone who mistakes this for a costume drama is not aware of what kind of film they have ventured into.’
    • ‘But more than simply a stiff costume drama in space suits, the miniseries is smart in both its telling and its look.’
    • ‘There's enough meaty material in this saga to turn out a television costume drama.’
    • ‘In spite of the often overwritten dialogue, the cast acquits itself well in what might easily fall into the trap of a staid costume drama (which it still does from time to time).’
    • ‘It's the comic equivalent to an elaborate costume drama - no detail is spared in establishing the mood of the film and depth of the characters - both of which are absolutely note perfect.’
    • ‘What I said was, I don't want to only be in a costume drama or a corset.’
    • ‘You are unlikely to see stronger performances in a costume drama for a very long time.’
    • ‘Parts of the lavish costume drama are being filmed at a disused textile mill which has been converted into a Victorian boarding school for the film.’
    • ‘The makers have resisted the temptation to produce a costume drama.’
    • ‘In a sense, costume drama is a bit like science fiction that looks backward rather than forward.’
    • ‘The costumes in costume drama have a tendency to restrict the action by showcasing their splendour.’
    • ‘At the other end of the corridor the jailer sits, leaning his chair against the wall and watching a Scottish costume drama on a small, flickering television.’
    • ‘Although it would be nice to think that this show amounted to more than it appears, I fear that is wishful thinking - in the end it is little more than costume drama without the costumes.’
    • ‘I wouldn't say no to a costume drama necessarily.’
    • ‘Yes, it's a costume drama but it's so different - it's not like anything anyone's ever done before.’
    • ‘It is the second time he has adapted one of Trollope's novels into a costume drama.’
    • ‘Despite this, it is a superior costume drama and is certainly the best of the week's releases.’
    • ‘For a few hours yesterday, a corner of the realm resembled a costume drama.’