Meaning of cotinga in English:


Pronunciation /kəˈtɪŋɡə/


  • A bird found in the forests of Central and South America, the male of which is frequently brilliantly coloured.

    Family Cotingidae (the cotinga family): several genera, especially Cotinga, and numerous species. The cotinga family also includes the bellbirds, umbrellabirds, and cocks-of-the-rock, and is sometimes placed within the family Tyrannidae

    ‘They say the gray-winged cotinga occupies forest at a higher elevation than the black-and-gold cotinga.’
    • ‘Using remote sensing predictions, the researchers calculate the likely range of a rare and range-restricted endemic bird of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the grey-winged cotinga.’
    • ‘Actually finding the cotinga would be a huge step toward establishing the use of computer models as viable tools for determining what areas should be protected.’
    • ‘A plum-throated cotinga, like the one shown above in a lowland rain forest, is one species of over a thousand that make Peru a birder's paradise.’
    • ‘So far the program has proved effective, but it hasn't yet passed what might be called its final exam: the search for the elusive gray-winged cotinga.’


Via French from Tupi cutinga.