Meaning of cottage hospital in English:

cottage hospital


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  • A small hospital in a country area.

    ‘In emergencies it could call on rescue teams, a fire station, an ambulance service, a first-aid clinic, a cottage hospital and a police station with an inspector, a sergeant and seven constables.’
    • ‘Later in the week, I finished another clinic at a cottage hospital soon after midday.’
    • ‘I swapped a radiological session at my base hospital for a session at a local cottage hospital just two miles down the hill.’
    • ‘After the army, and a couple of obstetric house jobs, I found myself in a country practice with its own cottage hospital and nine obstetric beds and a turnover of some 240 deliveries a year.’
    • ‘‘We would like to go back to the cottage hospital run by primary care,’ he said.’
    • ‘Jean gave anaesthetics at the local cottage hospital as well as practising and maintaining her special interest in childhood illness.’
    • ‘The fact that he could practise obstetrics and continue caring for patients in the cottage hospital gave him considerable pleasure.’
    • ‘He was in charge of the elderly care unit at the local cottage hospital and did his own obstetric care, delivering many babies.’
    • ‘It quickly became so severe that a friend drove me to the nearest cottage hospital.’
    • ‘Then she got worse, and I admitted her to our cottage hospital for pain control and rehabilitation.’
    • ‘It was originally just a local cottage hospital before being changed to a maternity hospital.’
    • ‘I got pills for the knees, and a course of physiotherapy treatment at the local cottage hospital for the hands.’
    • ‘The 112-year-old building, built as a cottage hospital, has 70 patients a day in the physiotherapy department, a day hospital, catering mainly for the elderly, and outpatients clinics.’
    • ‘I believe it has all the attributes of a cottage hospital - a warm welcome, first-class and friendly professional support and a number of characters among the staff.’
    • ‘I believe the days of the cottage hospital are numbered and what will be created in its place is a hybrid hospital where some general care will be provided along with some specific care.’
    • ‘It is a long way from being reduced to a cottage hospital, but every specialisation lost is damaging to its future.’
    • ‘Every training ground will have a pharmaceutical wing the size of a cottage hospital.’
    • ‘It is like a highly modernised cottage hospital.’
    • ‘The new building grows out of the original Victorian cottage hospital which was intended to serve passing riverboat traffic.’
    • ‘He travelled extensively in the county, operating in the cottage hospitals.’