Meaning of cotton bud in English:

cotton bud


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  • A small wad of cotton wool on a short, thin stick, used for cosmetic purposes or cleaning the ears.

    ‘But then liquid soap was rubbed onto my head with what felt like a cross between a cotton bud and a cocktail stick.’
    • ‘Whether it's a build-up of water or wax the ensuing loss of hearing can be infuriating, and it's all you can do to stop yourself sticking the dreaded cotton bud down there to clear it.’
    • ‘To camouflage spots, dip a clean cotton bud into a concealer that matches your skin tone and dot on the spot.’
    • ‘Cotton buds were recorded as a precipitant if the patient had used a cotton bud to clean their ears in the preceding two weeks.’
    • ‘As well as swimming, it can be caused by cleaning your ears too vigorously, scratching inside your ear with a cotton bud or pen, or getting hair products into your ear.’
    • ‘Then smudge the lines with a cotton bud or a soft, short brush.’
    • ‘Then use a cotton bud and some suitable cleaning solution to clean the lens.’
    • ‘A common cause of blockage is when people attempt to clean the ear, for example with a cotton bud.’
    • ‘So I popped the maximum dose of painkiller and off I toddled to the bathroom, where I cleaned my teeth, paying particular attention to the offending molar, and applied a cotton bud liberally soaked in tooth tincture.’
    • ‘A blob of superglue applied to the plastic end of a cotton bud usually does the trick if it is placed in direct contact with the foreign body and left to dry for about a minute.’
    • ‘Capillary refill should be assessed by pressing with a sterile cotton bud (such as a bacteriology swab).’
    • ‘Apply sparingly with a cotton bud, then blend with your finger.’
    • ‘On closer inspection, it becomes clear that the images have been reconstructed using the humble cotton bud.’
    • ‘I have always taken pride in my meticulous cleansing routine, and now have to use a cotton bud to de-fluff.’
    • ‘You could begin with something like a cotton bud or the tip of your finger.’
    • ‘A sample of discharge may be taken using a swab, which looks like a long cotton bud.’
    • ‘While polishing your toenails, insert a cotton bud between each toe to protect them from possible damage due to touching.’
    • ‘I realized my nails looked terrible so I quickly started wiping off the polish with a cotton bud.’
    • ‘It was a cotton bud, dosed in some sort of pungent liquid.’
    • ‘Remove mascara with a cotton bud dipped in the eye-cleansing lotion.’