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cotton gin


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  • A machine for separating cotton from its seeds.

    ‘After harvest, the whole kenaf plant is processed in a fiber separator similar to a cotton gin.’
    • ‘The focus on textiles takes students from the cotton gin on through to nylon stockings.’
    • ‘For several hundred years, the great innovations in science, technology and engineering - the wheel, the bellows, the cotton gin - were focused on reducing the amount of backbreaking labor humans must endure.’
    • ‘Another takes participants on a cotton picking tour, which includes a demonstration of a cotton gin.’
    • ‘Cotton did not emerge as a major southern crop until the beginning of the nineteenth century, after the cotton gin lowered the cost of fiber.’
    • ‘During one of the sweltering dog days of summer my cousins and I were playing ‘hide and go seek ‘around an abandoned cotton gin in a small country town.’
    • ‘He is currently researching the development of the Southern cotton gin manufacturing industry and, more generally, patents issued to Southern inventors before World War I.’
    • ‘Although the first session of the county superior court met, appropriately, in a building that housed a cotton gin, subsequent courts were held in a modest wooden courthouse completed by 1844.’
    • ‘I'm not sure what this has to do with communication, but my various grade school teachers seemed very intent on stressing the pivotal role Eli Whitney and his cotton gin provided for the entire universe.’
    • ‘He argued instead that the Old South should be viewed as a frontier, a wooded, rich-soiled, sometimes lawless wilderness transformed by the invention of the cotton gin.’
    • ‘Many local businesses prospered, including a lanyard, a steam cotton gin, and a gristmill.’
    • ‘Rightly called ‘The Father of Industry in Alabama,’ this native of New Hampshire, born in 1799, brought cotton gin manufacturing to Alabama.’
    • ‘Burnable pellets made from cotton gin trash are in a testing phase.’
    • ‘Whitney and Miller soon discovered that the teeth were problematic in actual cotton gin construction and use.’
    • ‘Smaller warehouses and cotton gins have to ship defective bales to a warehouse or gin that has the necessary equipment.’
    • ‘On it they've drawn a map of their community filled with colorful symbols showing rivers, farmer's markets, old trees, burial grounds and even old cotton gins.’
    • ‘The premier industrialist in the state and an acclaimed manufacturer of cotton gins, he vigorously advocated railroad aid and industrial development.’
    • ‘There has been increased foreign investment in cotton gins, but most industrial concerns operate at low capacity and serve the local market.’
    • ‘One such industry that did develop, however, was the production of cotton gins.’
    • ‘Such noise abatement would greatly improve worker comfort and safety in cotton gins.’