Meaning of cotton state in English:

cotton state

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  • 1informal Any of the states of the southern US of which cotton is or was a major product.

    • ‘Yet one incontrovertible fact set him decidedly apart from the rabid cotton state defenders of the peculiar institution.’
    • ‘Virginia secessionists and their cotton state allies, after all, would have to make concrete predictions about the economic vitality of the Confederacy.’
    • ‘Even after Lincoln's election and the secession of the cotton states, many Virginians remained doubtful about the desirability of Southern independence.’
    • ‘The result of these links between the Upper South and the northern part of the cotton states was an overland trade that expanded markedly in the years before secession.’
    • ‘Two factors in particular shaped the clashing societies of the cotton states - the origins of the settlers and the patterns of the regional economy.’
    • ‘Yet Missourians refrained from adopting the language of division emanating with increasing volume from the cotton states.’
    • ‘Observers also noted the correlation between this trade and divisions within the cotton states.’
    • ‘South Carolina was the oldest of the cotton states and the first to experience soil depletion.’
    1. 1.1
      a name for Alabama