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Pronunciation /ˈkɒt(ə)nteɪl/

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  • An American rabbit which has a speckled brownish coat and a white underside to the tail.

    Genus Sylvilagus, family Leporidae: several species

    ‘Deer, cottontail rabbits, voles (field mice) and pocket gophers are some of the most common species that damage trees in Nebraska.’
    • ‘Canyons and creeks ran to the river down gullies 200 feet deep and were full of quail, and cottontails and coyotes and jack rabbits.’
    • ‘A white cottontail rabbit sat on a worn mat on the floor of the cell with her back to the door.’
    • ‘Unlike cottontails and jackrabbits, pygmy rabbits dig burrows, the only American rabbit that does so.’
    • ‘It nosed along the old logging road, stopping to drink in the scent of the squirrels and cottontails and swamp rabbits that had passed earlier in the morning.’
    • ‘One of these is a cottontail rabbit that is found only in the Davis Mountains of Texas in the area between Guadalupe and Big Bend national parks.’
    • ‘They mostly eat rodents, eastern cottontail rabbits, insects, and fruit.’
    • ‘At one point, he lured a red fox close to his shutter by imitating the high-pitched squeal of a cottontail rabbit in distress.’
    • ‘By nature, the two are incompatible, for even a cottontail rabbit will fight to protect her young.’
    • ‘Males pursue larger animals, such as eastern cottontail rabbits.’
    • ‘The engraved receiver features a pair of golden squirrels on one side, and a trio of cottontail rabbits on the other.’
    • ‘But the eastern cottontails - a more southern species that hunters introduced to New England in the 1930s - would travel about 22 yards beyond cover to get the food.’
    • ‘A buttery shaft of sun slants through a stand of leafy chestnut trees, dappling a family of cottontails which has crept onto the 12th fairway to lick dewdrops from the English rye.’
    • ‘First, I start with a sketch I like, of a cottontail resting out on our lawn.’
    • ‘Before I had a chance to observe further to see if the cottontail would happily eat more, the resident Cooper's hawk flew by and sent everyone for cover.’
    • ‘The lean cottontail joined him in front of the door.’
    • ‘Damage to rosette leaves appeared to be by cottontail rabbits, based on droppings associated with the damaged plants.’
    • ‘Now, the hawk looked to me to be a male and a full grown cottontail is a little much for a Cooper's to take on, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.’