Meaning of coulis in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkuːli/

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nounplural noun coulis

  • A thin fruit or vegetable puree, used as a sauce.

    ‘spoon a little more cranberry coulis over the oranges’
    • ‘For the berry coulis: Puree the fruit with the sorbet syrup, strain and chill.’
    • ‘Spoon some muscatel sauce and passion fruit coulis around the dish and garnish with sweet potatoes and parsley.’
    • ‘Spoon a portion of the orange passion fruit coulis around the cheesecake.’
    • ‘As an extra, you could pile in a bundle of mint, blitz it with whatever fruit you are making the coulis out of, then pass it through a sieve.’
    • ‘These little puff pastries are served on a white napkin with bowls of chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis for dipping.’
    • ‘Just before serving, spoon the strawberry coulis into the centre of the shortbreads, and arrange wild strawberries around the side.’
    • ‘I simply stuck a spring of mint into a mixture of lightly crushed kiwi flesh and sugar, just to add a hint of mint to the coulis.’
    • ‘Serve the panna cotta in their ramekins topped with a layer of coulis, or unmold them carefully onto plates and drizzle with the coulis.’
    • ‘For the corn coulis, in a medium sauté pan, melt two ounces of butter over medium heat until foaming.’
    • ‘Place a stuffed piquillo pepper at one end of the coulis and a mound of Parmesan powder at the opposite end.’
    • ‘Pureed and thinned with a little stock syrup, it makes a coulis to accompany baked lemon cheesecake or a passionfruit mousse.’
    • ‘This arrived on a plate with the coulis arranged in geometric patterns, outlined by thin chocolate borders.’
    • ‘The plate was inexplicably drizzled with a chocolate coulis.’
    • ‘The mousse was the better of the two, primarily because the richness of the chocolate was nicely offset by the coulis.’
    • ‘And a devilish mustard-oil-red-pepper coulis allows seared scallops to start velvety, then bite back.’
    • ‘You'll find plenty of satisfying dishes here, such as marinated ahi tuna coated in black and white sesame seeds with a mango-cucumber coulis.’
    • ‘The coulis (the left - over blackberry and whisky) was sold to hotels, which produced from it their own sauces.’
    • ‘Place crab in a pool of lobster sauce and drizzle with mango coulis and lobster oil.’
    • ‘I chose the chicken breast with smoked chipotle peppers and a mango coulis.’
    • ‘Serve with icing sugar, raspberries and coulis.’
    relish, dressing, condiment, ketchup, flavouring


French, from couler ‘to flow’.