Meaning of councilman in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊns(ə)lmən/

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nounplural noun councilmen

  • A member of a council, especially a municipal one.

    as title ‘Councilman Gerry Richardson’
    • ‘Lang had been in office, as either a councilman or mayor, for 22 years.’
    • ‘A few years later, while still serving as a councilman, he was elected to the local water board.’
    • ‘I knew my grandfather quite well; he was a city councilman.’
    • ‘But suddenly, the same numbers that police officers, city councilmen, mayors, and reporters had been staring at sadly for decades became the key to solving the city's crime problems.’
    • ‘As long as the mayor can maintain the loyalty of ten or more councilmen, his agenda can safely sail through the lawmaking process.’
    • ‘He says that particular image was not what was important to voters in 2002 when he ran for city council at age 25 and soundly beat a former councilman.’
    • ‘While he hired lobbyists to help him state his case, he personally developed relationships with city councilmen and pressed for their vote commitment.’
    • ‘He was a political rival of the dead councilman.’
    • ‘Although this was not intended as an endorsement by the popular Republican councilman, the media and voters perceived it as such.’
    • ‘He was among the first councilmen to push for tax hikes.’
    • ‘Leading the insurgency is the town's mayor and an ambitious councilman.’
    • ‘He is a former Cleveland councilman and school board member.’
    • ‘City councilmen said they're frustrated over delays in the negotiations.’
    • ‘Two other councilmen recounted personal stories about the mayor's openness.’
    • ‘Surely city councilmen ought to have better (and more constitutionally permissible) things to do.’
    • ‘The other councilmen whispered amongst themselves in terror.’
    • ‘She finally pulled him away, and quietly told him that the councilmen wished to speak with him.’
    • ‘One of our local councilmen has taken to giving interviews to anyone who will listen to express his displeasure over the new system.’
    • ‘I had to show them what an upstanding group of councilmen should do.’
    • ‘One of the councilmen was locked in his office and could not open the door.’