Meaning of counselling in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkaʊnslɪŋ/


mass noun
  • The provision of professional assistance and guidance in resolving personal or psychological problems.

    ‘bereavement counselling’
    • ‘The first offers career guidance and counselling, psychometric assessments and an education programme.’
    • ‘In another condition, women received both standard counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.’
    • ‘To accomplish this, he pressed for nongraded classes, open education, greater flexibility in programming, and personal counselling.’
    • ‘It combines group therapy, one-to-one counselling and personal assignment work.’
    • ‘Short-term psycho-educational counseling will assist couples in planning emotional time together.’
    • ‘Civic leaders called upon citizens to go to their houses of worship and to seek psychological counseling.’
    • ‘Yet he did not, according to his testimony, seek professional counseling or guidance after it occurred.’
    • ‘There must also be provision of legal, medical and psychological counselling and adequate social services for the victims.’
    • ‘Psychologists also offer on-site counseling and education services relating to such topics as depression, substance abuse and trauma.’
    • ‘He was one of the pioneers in school counseling, dedicated to helping young people get a constructive start in life.’
    • ‘There are many times that therapy or counseling is exactly what's needed in any effective program of self help.’
    • ‘She says that they finally admitted that they did not have all the answers and sought professional business and personal counseling.’
    • ‘Yet we know that it can be learned and that people can become more resilient as a result of counseling and therapy.’
    • ‘The network places much emphasis on psychosocial counseling and training of counselors is a core activity of the network.’
    • ‘I still have a long way to go and with the assistance of professional counseling there is hope that I will recover and begin again to rebuild my life.’
    • ‘Most recovery approaches include concurrent psychological treatment or counselling to assist patients in their recovery.’
    • ‘Therapeutic modalities included individual counseling, process-oriented group therapy and case management.’
    • ‘Mediators do not practice law (in their role as mediators) and they do not provide counseling or therapy.’
    • ‘A family physician can often help, or grief counseling or therapy may be appropriate.’
    • ‘I suggest psychological counselling and therapy for possible recovering of her memory, and dealing with this situation.’